_CM_POSTER: Lector  _CM_POSTED: 2014/10/17 3:15:32

Weyland-Yutani keeps sending it's employees replica louis vuitton to get impregnated by the Xenomorph. No thanks, I'll go to Sherri's birthday party at Flinger's instead. We all forgot chanel replica about "The COMPANY". Why wouldn't you want to work for a company that deems the aquisition of an ALIEN lifeform more valuable than a multi-billion dollar Space Mining facility and it's hypersleepy crew. Same said COMPANY gucci replica then also sacrifices 40 families and another multi-billion bollar facility, this one an atmospheric teraformer, just to secure the eggs of these ALIENS. They don't even fire you after they shift the blame for their mistakes onto the only surviving member of the flight crew, they dior outlet just cross train you to run loaders on the docks, and you get to keep the cat. I wanna work for a company that can just request a Colonial Marine Deep space assult ship to check out a colony with a "downed transmitter".
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